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Saffron (Slim Saffron): A Promising Natural Remedy for Depression

Saffron (Slim Saffron): A Promising Natural Remedy for Depression

Saffron or also known as Crocus Sativos is known as a medicinal plant native to the East and Middle East, although there are also known species from other regions that vary by their different smells, flavors, and appearances. It is known for its antioxidant, inflammatory, and antitumor properties, but currently, it is not only recognized for these properties. Thanks to various studies, it has been known that this species has various physical and mental health benefits, as it has been shown that thanks to Saffron, multiple antidepressant treatments have been developed.

Slim Saffron

The antidepressant effects of saffron

Saffron is known for its great health and culinary contributions, however, thanks to a study conducted by the National Library of Medicine it has been discovered that: "One of the most established findings regarding the benefits of saffron is its antidepressant activity. Clinical trials evaluating the efficacy of saffron in mild to moderate depression are conducted." (Mohammad S, Mohammed S, Siti B, Siti Z, Mohd N, Muhammad I, Nur N, Hanin M, Norazian H, Alfi K., 2018). It should be noted that currently depression is one of the most common diseases present in the life of human beings, as it affects not only mental health but also physical health it is of utmost importance to treat this in time and thanks to the effects of this great species, gradually more and more studies are conducted to control the effects on human beings. In addition to this it is important to know that it is not only possible to know about these benefits through studies because some companies are responsible for providing information, as is the case of Slim Saffron, which is a company that provides multiple investigations in this regard and also sell products of this species of high quality to promote healthy living.


Saffron vs. conventional antidepressants

As previously mentioned, nowadays mental illnesses are very constant in the new disorders that human beings present, among these illnesses, are anxiety, Alzheimer, and depression, among others. Depression specifically has different conventional treatments, such as:

- Antidepressants: They are known because they alleviate brain chemicals and help control this disorder, some of the best known are Fluoxetine, Citalopram, and Paroxetine, among others. Although they combat the depressive effects, they are traditional drugs that over time can produce different side effects on human health, because they cure the disease immediately, but with the passage of time will deteriorate more areas of health. This is why natural treatments are recommended. which is why natural treatments are recommended.

- Conversational Therapy: It is a treatment that consists of dialogue with experts for the treatment of the disorder and also through dialogue we try to find solutions. This is a therapy that although lately is more constant as a treatment is not effective for all patients because some need to treat with painkillers as they have a much more advanced disorder.

- Saffron a natural antidepressant: As previously named thanks to different studies it has been evidenced how this natural species has helped to control depressive levels. "Studies examining the effects of saffron supplementation compared to antidepressant groups (i.e., fluoxetine or imipramine), significant improvements in depressive symptoms were observed among participants in both conditions." (Heather H, Debbie S, Pamela D, Stephen A., 2015). This was evidenced thanks to a comprehensive study conducted by the National Library of Medicine.

Saffron (Slim Saffron) as a drug

After knowing the different treatments for depression, it is important to analyze this species as one of them. A study conducted by the national university of Medicine indicates that: "Depressive disorder is one of the most prevalent psychiatric illnesses and is estimated to affect up to 21% of the world's population. Most patients are usually reluctant to take synthetic antidepressant drugs in their appropriate doses due to the expected side effects" (Mohammad S, Mohammed S, Siti B, Siti Z, Mohd N, Muhammad I, Nur N, Hanin M, Norazian H, Alfi K., 2018).

It is of utmost importance to highlight that the previously shown study was performed under analgesics, as they indicate they do not have very good results since they produce side effects such as inability to be able to drive, constipation and dry mouth, among other things. Although the diseases are fought, they produce different discomforts for the treated people, that is why natural treatments such as saffron are recommended, because the two components of this species, Safranal and Crocin, are known to combat the depressive effects since they are responsible for inhibiting the process of transporting serotonin and while this remains in the brain for a long time, it can enhance multiple positive effects thus combating depression.


Negative and Positive Effects of Saffron (Slim Saffron)  on Depression

It should be noted that the benefits of these species fighting the various diseases is just a continuous process that is becoming known thanks to the research that is gradually being done, as in all cases it is important to note that most painkillers or natural remedies although they have many positive effects may also have some negative. But Saffron’s case is not so, because thanks to a study that shows scientific results of the national library of Medicine, it could be demonstrated that: "the therapeutic doses of saffron did not show significant toxicity in both clinical and experimental research. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study by Ayatollahi et al [55], the results showed that treatment with saffron tablets (200 and 400 mg/day) for one week did not produce adverse effects" (Mohammad S, Mohammed S, Siti B, Siti Z, Mohd N, Muhammad I, Nur N, Hanin M, Norazian H, Alfi K., 2018)


Saffron (Slim Saffron) and it is Potential as an Antidepressant.

"the findings of improved mental health combined with an excellent short-term safety profile suggest that Slim Saffron may be an effective alternative approach for the treatment of MDD" (Heather H, Debbie S, Pamela D, Stephen A., 2015).  Although the National Library of Medicine study shows multiple benefits of saffron to combat MDD or also known as Major Depressive Disorder, more studies are still needed to better determine its components in long-term treatments. But thanks to scientific advances this will not take long and the studies that have already been conducted clearly show that this natural treatment has not produced any side effects and helps treat mental health. That is why a very easy way to get this great species is through the company Slim Saffron,  striving to reach more homes and help implement these good natural practices.